SGGPCP Networks during COVID

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, the value of the partnership platform of SGGPCP was highlighted. SGGPCP responded quickly to the needs of the partnership and facilitated collaborative approaches to pandemic response. The agility of SGGPCP to be able to pivot our work quickly to respond to local needs ensured that partner agencies had a space to learn from each other, unpack the impacts of the pandemic on local communities, and work together to respond.
During this time, SGGPCP recognised that there was both an increase in the number of partners engaging in activities as well as an increase in new partnerships. SGGPCP partnered with Swinburne University of Technology to use social network analysis to understand the value of SGGPCP’s partnership facilitation role for building community social capital during the coronavirus pandemic. This value was explored in terms of how the networks of people that form the Partnership have enabled information sharing and learning that is supporting partners to adapt (either at an individual practice level or at a service level). This research Making the invisible networks Visible will be available on this page.

A series of partner interviews conducted by SGGPCP captured some of the initiatives being implemented throughout the area. Some examples of the outcomes of collaborative actions are summarised here:
Outcomes of Collaboration (1)

An overview of the research can be found here:
SGGPCP Value of Partnerships COVID 19 SNA research poster

Value of Partnerships FINAL