Enhancing Networks for Resilince 2

The first stage of Enhancing Networks for Resilience (EN4R)  identified that networking and applied learning both have a significant relationship with preparedness activities, but that further understanding of networking enablers and pathways to the application of learning were required. The second stage of EN4R sought to investigate these questions and the role that SGGPCP could play in facilitating networking and learning in eth context of disaster resilience.


Enhancing Networks for Resilience (EN4R) Final Report: FINAL Report

Summary report on a page:  EN4R#2 Report on a Page

For a hard copy please contact the SGGPCP  joanne.brown@wdhs.net


Final Report now available

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Click here to view summary report on a page:  report-on-a-page-final

For a hard copy please contact the SGGPCP joanne.brown@wdhs.net

Enhancing Networks for Resilience (EN4R) is a collaboration between SGGPCP and RMIT University supported through the National Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme managed through Emergency Management Victoria. EN4R will work to investigate and understand the role of social networks in disaster resilience. A review of the literature will be undertaken alongside community consultation to understand the key components of social networks. Social Network Analysis will be undertaken with SGGPCP partner agencies and agencies and community to understand the networks that exist and key enablers and barriers.

EN4R Research Questions:

  1. How can the effectiveness of social networks in rural Australian communities for building community resilience be defined and evaluated in the context of disaster resilience?
  2. How can these social networks be enhanced to better support communities in building resilience?

EN4R builds on the work of the Rural People; Resilient Futures Project where the project evaluation indicated that agencies found that learning from each other through networking and creating new partnerships including partnerships with PCP agencies and the research sector were among the most valuable aspects of the project.

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Social Networks and Disaster Resilience. An introduction.

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February 2016 Update: After consultation with stakeholders a research plan has been developed – Social Networks for Resilience Research Stages.

In brief stage 1 of the research will focus on understanding the formal networks (i.e the SGGPCP) using interviews and surveys to collect the data. Stage 2 will start looking at the informal networks that stem from the Partnership while at the same time looking at resilience in the local context. Over half of the 20 SGGPCP agencies have participated in the stage 1 interviews so far with interviews to conclude by the end of February.

The Project Advisory Group met in December and a diverse range of participants shared their knowledge and expertise. There was a cross-sectoral representation among the group with representatives from government, research, agencies and community.

October 2015 Update: The project team has begun consultations with partner agencies to co-design the project methodology to ensure that agencies have an opportunity to contribute to the research design. RMIT are conducting a literature review investigating aspects of Social Network Analysis to design the methodology. A Project Advisory Group is currently being formed to both add input into the design and learn from EN4R.