Often the people who are the most vulnerable to extreme climatic events like heatwave and bushfire are participants in the services provided by the health and community sector. We can all play a major role in reducing this vulnerability.

SGGPCP will facilitate two key workshops in December, funded through the National Disaster Resilience Scheme as part of second phase of the Enhancing Networks for Resilience Project. The workshops have been specially designed with CFA and RMIT University to simulate real life situations enabling workshop participants the chance to identify the impacts of extreme climatic events on their service and service users, understand roles and responsibilities and recognise key actions.

When: Monday December 11th at the Hamilton District Skills Centre, 10.00am – 1.30pm

Or Tuesday December 12th at Winda-Mara, Heywood, 10.00am – 1.30pm

Who should attend: The workshops have been designed for anyone who works in a community or health service setting with people who may be considered vulnerable due to health and social circumstances.

Places are limited so rsvp is essential. Contact Jo Brown, Manager Health and Wellbeing, SGGPCP P: 555 18563 M: 0428 310280 E: joanne.brown@wdhs.net

Summer Readiness Workshop for the Health and Community Sector