SGGPCP has registered to become a “Healthy Workplace” through the Victorian Government initiative: “Healthy Together Victoria – Creating a Healthier Workplace”

The Achievement Program for workplaces/workforce currently covers five health priority areas:

•   Healthy eating

•   Physical activity

•   Mental health and wellbeing

•   Alcohol

•   Smoking

SGGPCP have achieved Recognition point 1 of the Healthy Together Achievement Program, which includes the development of a Health Promotion Charter, and a summary of key actions.

In acknowledgement of the progress PCP has made in promoting health and wellbeing to date, we can now use the official icon “together we are creating a healthy workplace”.

Our next step is to put our health and wellbeing plan into action. Our two areas we are currently working on are; Alcohol and Physical Activity.

For further information on the Achievement Program visit their website:  or telephone 1300 721 682.

If your workplace is interested in joining the Program and you would like to hear our experience, please contact Robyn on 555 18471