Incorporating principles of Service Coordination and Integrated Chronic Disease Management, SGGPCP’s systems improvement work is focussed on placing consumers at the centre of service delivery – ensuring that they have access to the services they need, opportunities for early intervention and improved health outcomes.  SGGPCP supports member agencies to implement Service Coordination and Integrated Chronic Disease Management practices, and encourages coordinated, collaborative care to improve the consumer experience.

Goal-Directed Care Planning

SGGPCP held two Goal Directed Care Planning (GDCP) workshops in Casterton In February and March 2017, facilitated by Kate Pascale. It was a full-house with participants from health services, local government and GP clinics.  The key to GDCPs is to ask the client what is important TO them – they are the experts! While we may have expertise in what’s important FOR them to achieve good health outcomes, care planning can only be effective if the client (and carer, family) is an active participant in making decisions about their care.

The second workshop focused on documenting goal-directed car plans and addressing any issues that participants had experienced in putting theory into practice.

The GDCP toolkit and all the supporting tools are on the website

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